Update on the Pre-Accreditation Process in Faichuk: Day 4

CDOE Press – From February 06-07, 2023, the Pre-Accreditation process continued its evaluation of schools in the Faichuk region and successfully completed assessments for the following schools:

  • Udot Elementary School
  • Eot Elementary School
  • Romanum Elementary School
  • Munien Elementary School
  • Central Wonip Elementary School
  • Chukuram Elementary School
  • Epin Elementary School
  • Fason Elementary School
  • Faichuk High School

We extend our sincere gratitude to all principals, teachers, communities, and the Chuuk Education Teams for their unwavering commitment and participation throughout the accreditation process. Their hard work and dedication have greatly contributed to the successful completion of the evaluation. Well done!

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