School Support

Chief of School Support

Suda Umwech
Chief of School Support
Chuuk Department of Education
P.O Box 460
Weno, Chuuk 96942

The Division of School Support is a vital entity responsible for directing and supervising various educational programs and services in Chuuk state. The division’s primary focus is on overseeing the teaching and learning activities of both elementary and high schools, as well as special education services. Additionally, it provides guidance and support for the development of various programs, staff training, certification, and accreditation across the state.

One of the key roles of the Division of School Support is to provide oversight and guidance for all student services offered by the Department. This includes both educational and non-educational services, ensuring that they are aligned with the state’s educational goals and standards. Through regular monitoring and evaluation, the division ensures that all student services are of high quality and provide maximum benefit to the students.

Furthermore, the Division of School Support is responsible for providing guidance and support to the leadership of Regional Services Centers. These centers provide essential support services to schools across the state, and the division ensures that they are working efficiently and effectively to achieve the state’s educational goals.

In summary, the Division of School Support is a critical entity responsible for ensuring the quality and effectiveness of educational programs and services in Chuuk state. Its oversight and guidance ensure that students receive the best possible education and support, helping them achieve their full potential.

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