Administration Office

Chief of Administration Office

Sermina Namelo
Chief of Administration and Personnel
Chuuk Department of Education
P.O Box 460
Weno, Chuuk 96942

The Division of Administration and Personnel is responsible for managing and overseeing all fiscal services of the department. This includes ensuring the organization’s compliance with operational and regulatory requirements, protecting its physical and intangible assets, and managing financial risk and investments.

Additionally, the Division provides oversight and guidance in the development and administration of programs and procedures aimed at selecting and maintaining a workforce that is aligned with the strategic goals of the department. This includes negotiating employee contracts and benefits contracts, and developing strategies to attract and retain talent.

Furthermore, the Division is responsible for overseeing the transportation and communication operations of the department, ensuring that these operations are efficient, effective, and aligned with the overall goals of the organization. This may include developing and implementing policies and procedures related to transportation and communication, as well as overseeing the maintenance of facilities and equipment used in these operations.

Overall, the Division of Administration and Personnel plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth and effective functioning of the department. By providing oversight and guidance in areas such as fiscal management, workforce development, and transportation and communication, the Division helps to ensure that the department can operate efficiently, meet its regulatory requirements, and achieve its strategic goals.

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