The Final Schools to be Evaluated

CDOE Press – After several weeks of rigorous evaluation, the Pre-Accreditation process for all schools in Chuuk finally came to a successful completion on Monday to Tuesday, February 13-14, 2023. During this final phase, the accreditation teams visited and evaluated the remaining private schools in the region to ensure they meet the necessary criteria for operating within the Chuuk Education system.

The following private schools were visited and evaluated during this final phase: Xavier High School, St. Cecilia School, Berea Christian School, Saramen Chuuk Academy, and Seven Day Adventist. The teams conducted a comprehensive evaluation to determine if these schools meet the required standards and requirements for accreditation.

We express our sincere appreciation to all those who participated in this process, including the principals, teachers, communities, and the Chuuk Education Teams, for their dedication and commitment throughout the accreditation process. Their hard work and cooperation have been essential in ensuring that our schools provide quality education and meet the necessary standards. Once again, thank you all and well done!

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