CCHC Cancer Awareness Program

More than 100 participants turned up to support the Chuuk Community Health Center (CCHC) Walkathon Event held on Saturday Oct 7 2023 as part of its community awareness program on early detection and treatment for breast cancer in both (fe)males in Chuuk State.

High school students joined in the awareness campaign to help spread the news about the importance of early screening to the wider community. The effort to educate young adults on early detection, treatment and referral mechanisms is an ongoing partnership between the Department of Health Services and the Department of Education in raising awareness through curriculum integration particularly in the Science discipline at school level.

The Lt. Governor: Hon. Mekeioshy William had conveyed the undying support of the Chuuk State administration for youth participation in cancer awareness programs and so reiterated the key message for the ‘Breast cancer awareness month 2023, “For the lives we can save and those we have lost, let this Breast Cancer Awareness Month be a moment of unity that rallies the country to end cancer as we know it. Together, we can give patients, survivors, and our families the care, hope, and support they deserve.” Kinisou chapwur.

Featured here are CCHC nurses with Education Advisor, Dr. Kelesi Whippy.

Photo credit: Bulou Valu, Nurse – ChCC

Photos have been shared on social media.

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