Chuuk State DOE Team

Executive Office


Graceful Enlet

Policy & Management Specialist

Jared Micheal Marar

Deputy Director

Bersita Elimo

Executive Secretary

Mariah Dungawin


Administration & Personnel

Division Chief

Sermina Namelo

Division Secretary
HR Officer
HR Specialist
HR Data Clerk
Finance Officer
Payroll Supervisor
Payroll Data Clerk
Ware-House Manager

School Support

Division Chief

Suda Umwech

School Management Coordinator
Career Technical Education Specialist
Scholarship Specialist
Testing Specialist
Early Childhood Education Specialist
Accreditation Specialist
Science Specialist
Social Studies Specialist
Math Specialist
Data Clerk

Research, Planning & Development

Division Chief

Deanna Aizawa

Division Secretary
Information System Coordinator
Institutional Support Coordinator
Data Manager
Research Specialist
Data Clerk
Media & Public Outreach Specialist

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